It’s the time of year when you should look over your E&O policy!  Even us agents need to take a look at what our E&O policies cover.  Year end is a great time to do so.  The following article explains how even agents can create mistakes because we were not attentive to our own needs, let alone our clients needs. Scary E&O 

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How the younger generation is changing the insurance industry.

Sometimes change can be hard to swallow.  There is no doubt that the younger generation is changing the way we do business, in virtually all aspects of life.  Being more “tech savvy”, the next generation of representatives is re-vamping how the insurance industry does business.  The following article goes into detail on the amazing transformation.

Who needs E&O insurance and why do they need it?


As humans we make mistakes.  And even though it is a mistake it can cost a lot of money.  That is where E&O comes in.  It is a vital part of an insurance agent’s business.  The following article explains why E&O insurance is so important and who should carry E&O insurance.

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 Most Insurance Agents Are Not Properly Covered


As your business grows, your E&O insurance must grow as well.  Most agents are so concerned with getting the right coverage for their clients that they overlook their own coverage.  Just as you tell your clients to review their policies, you must review your own.  It seems silly to tell and insurance agent to check their own policy, after all this is what you do for a living, however it does seem as if there is a lack of reviewing.

Is Your Policy Collecting Dust?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Insurance Agents spend a lot of energy worrying about everyone’s insurance policies.  So much so in fact that they often overlook their own.  The risks and perils that face an insurance agent are just as important as the risks and perils they insure their clients for.  So where is your policy?  When was the last time you looked at it?  Errors & Omission policies for insurance agents need to be look at and re-examined at least yearly.  Make sure your coverage still fits your needs.  The following article from Insurance Journal gives some great advise.  Please contact Paul with any insurance questions or needs.  

Do You Need E&O Insurance

Whether you’re just starting a small business or you have been in business for sometime, you need to consider having E&O insurance, also known as Professional Liability insurance or malpractice insurance.  Does your industry require E&O?  Are you responsible for multimedia arrangements?  Do you work in the insurance industry?  Are you an accountant?  The list goes on and on, the point is that if the work you do entail potential for liability, you need E&O insurance.  The cost of E&O insurance is based on what type of business you are doing.  The following article from Entrepreneur gives some great insight on E&O coverage.

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